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Hi there! I’m Leslie, a wordsmith of content creation who helps business owners to elevate their online presence with messaging that captures the quality and value of what you do.

When I was first starting out I had no idea what I was doing, what a segmented email sequence was, or even H1 tags were. I was a hot mess, but I kept moving forward because I had no choice. I’d lost 2 jobs in a year due to totaling 2 cars because of seizures (we found out I’m epileptic) and I was struggling because I ran through my savings like I do a bag of cheddar sour cream potato chips.

I’ve always loved to write and dabbled in it for a few years until I started working 55+ hours a week for “the man”, making someone else’s dreams happen except mine. I wanted to work for myself, I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to have the freedom to make my own schedule, take days off without feeling guilty if I needed to, and NOT work 55+ hours a week for someone who’d replace me at the drop of a hat.

THUS, Magnolia Avenue & Co was born. On November 26th 2023 I bought the domain and the web address and it was MINE, I had something set in stone that was all mine. I picked the name Magnolia Avenue & Co because I love the way magnolias smell, I live on an Avenue, so why not make it? a full-blown company in a few years (months).

If you appreciate wittiness, humor, content creation, email marketing, and a sprig of copywriting then sign up for the email list buttercup because that is exactly what I’ll be sharing each week. I promise not to spam you. Although sometimes there might be a cute picture of my dog {{Yamper}} (who is more photogenic than I).